Lawrence McKay

Lawrence McKay

Music Supervisor / Licensing Executive at Big Sync Music

Music Industry Management and Artist Development BA (Hons). Graduated 2014

I deferred my final year to pursue an amazing opportunity  within music sync and publishing but returned to complete my studies whilst working full-time to make sure I received the most from my time. I currently work as a music supervisor within advertising for 400+ brands worldwide. My job is to find existing music to brief or commission tracks for commercials as well as negotiate the license for its usage.

Day to day aspects of my job include music searches, bespoke composition, audio branding, talent re-records and licensing where I typically manage around 20-25 projects at any one time ranging from global master brand campaigns to local brand commercials. Over and above that, we do a lot of brand partnerships and “after care” where we may work with high profile artists to perform or possibly even write music for an ad along with a full hard release and PR campaign.

I found it’s the small things you are taught by lecturers who have lived and breathed the industry that is most valuable. You can learn a lot from text books but experience and the knowledge from that is even more important so they all have something unique to offer. It’s always good to have a solid network of people you meet at uni not just in your course, as I’ve found I work with many Bucks graduates at ad agencies, editing houses or studios. Bucks has a diverse range of courses available so there’s always people studying different subjects to meet. You never know where they’ll be 5-10 years times.