Jamie Osman

Jamie Osman

Artist Manager & Record Label A&R

Artist Management and Live Events Graduate 2010

Whilst at Bucks I set up my own management company after a successful stint in regional promotion from the ages of 16-19. Being at Bucks enabled me to learn the key areas of the industry and have key understanding of the core concepts of both law and accounting which I find all to important on a day to day basis now, Bucks also connected me with various other students and tutors who became an invaluable network for years to come.

After leaving the university I signed my first major record deal 2 months after graduating and soon had a bountiful and eclectic roster of artists.  In my first year out of University I signed one of the first ‘masters’ deal for Deaf Havana with publisher BMG, this was a new artist services model which gave the power back to the artist and allowed the manager to take the roll of the A+R.  After seeing how frustrating major labels could be I wanted to have complete creative control back, and with a clear vision for the campaign the band have now gone on to sell over 100,000 albums worldwide including a UK Top 10, whilst sharing the stage with the likes of Muse and Bruce Springsteen around the world .

In April 2013 I was approached by Red Light Management to partner with them, which sees me join a team of managers across the world looking after the likes of Alicia Keys, Kaiser Chiefs, The Vaccines, Tiesto and more.  Joining this fantastic network has allowed me to expand not only my contact base but also able to sign a larger range of acts, including an artist I am about to re-launch who has sold over 10 million albums worldwide.

As well as management I have a huge passion for the record industry and in late 2013 was approached by Sony Music to set up a new record label with them and their fantastic label services department Sony Red.  In April 2014, Easy Life Records was born with it’s debut signing, UK rock band, Lower Than Atlantis. It’s been a dream start with their debut single ‘Here We Go’ going to the Radio 1 A-list and gaining support across MTV, e4, BBC 3 and more.  The label role is mainly A+R based, but as it is not a frontline label, we build sensible and sustainable budgets for the acts we sign, building careers across numerous albums rather than the all too common ‘album one’ culture that encompasses the industry nowadays.