Chris Dyer

Chris Dyer

Head of Digital for CMG/ Sony Music

BA Music Industry Management

– I left in 2006

Currently Head of Digital for CMG/ Sony Music – which is across frontline releases (Dolly Parton etc), Sony TV (BBC Live Lounge album, Kisstory, Holiday Anthems) & Sony Music Classical

Studying at Bucks was an incredibly useful period of my life – the course gave me a very well rounded understanding of the industry. The staff were very approachable and if I was ever unsure of anything I felt like I could just ask, but they inspired a more credible air because the majority of them had been successful in their industry in their own right.

The two biggest areas of learning that still informs elements if my working day today are:

1) Revenue streams, collection societies, copyright and how money flows from the sale of a music product

2) The roles available in the industry and how they relate i.e. how the sales Dept. relates to the marketing dept, what is a product manager etc.

From a recruitment perspective, anyone going for a job in Sony should really have a good insight into the role that they want – or at the very least the department that they would like to work in. This amount of research and understanding of the company definitely puts some candidates above the rest.